Rattlebox is a dynamic expression of 60s music at its best. Like a 326 hemi, this band is fast off the line and roars down the highway creating great times for all at city festivals, corporate shows or private events. Their music is generated with reckless abandon by guys from the atomic era. They will stimulate your senses and take you to the heights of boogaloo.

JP, Phil and Stefan all began playing music with various bands in the 60s at Detroit clubs such as The Hideout, Crowsnest, Grande Ballroom and Chatterbox. In 1997, synchronistic energy brought together Rattelbox. Influenced by 50s rock, Motown, R&B, classic blues, and a passion for great music, Rattlebox generates an energy from the stage guaranteed to keep you on the dance floor.

Check us out at your favorite grungy blues bar or dance joint, or download and listen to our live recordings!
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Aye Busch RattleBox Drummer
JP RattleBox Guitar & Vovals
Kevin Howard: Bass Guitar
Phil Ryski: Keyboard
Stefan Graf: Guitar & vocals
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